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I was shocked, I was surprised... 0

I first saw this game at this year's PAXEast. The Dev or booth guy or whathaveyou was looking rather lonely. No one was playing his game; people were far too distracted by Crackdown 2 behind it, Hydro Thunder to it's left or Limbo to it's right. So, carefully sifting through the rows of waiting participants, I picked up the sticks and started a new game.   The first thing I instantly noticed was the likeness of the game's controls to Crimson Skies. Quickly flicking the right analog stick in vari...

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Nice! 0

Like almost every other review out there, this game came out of no where and was a big surprise. Graphics were pretty, controls felts good, and it's only ten bucks. It could also be the lack of an arcade flying like game. We have come things that are close, but nothing that really just took the complexity of it all a notch or two to have the masses enjoy it. And that is what this game does perfectly, after my first matches I knew how to dodge heat seeker missiles, dodge enemy fire, and what weap...

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Very Good Aerial Shooter 0

This game came as a pleasant surprise.  I was always a fan of Crimson Skies and can't believe that a follow to that title has never come for this generation of consoles.   While this is not the deepest of games, it can occupy your time more than adequately.  There is a single player component that makes you complete a rather decent amount of missions that also teach you the mechanics of the game.  I think most people buy this arcade game for the multiplayer.  It has quite a few game modes to kee...

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Snoopy Flying Ace Review 0

 Let me start off by telling you that I am a huge Peanut’s fan boy. I watched all the television episodes, read all the comics, and I even make an effort to re-watch all the holiday special episodes on ABC. However when I saw Snoopy Flying Ace sitting in the Xbox Live Marketplace; I had a tiny negative feeling sitting inside of me, because I thought it was a game for children. This is the last time I judge a game by its cover, because this game is certainly not a game for children. Snoopy Flyi...

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A Fantastic Aerial Combat Game From An Unexpected License 0

  Snoopy Flying Ace is one of the most pleasantly surprising games in recent memory. First off, it is of a genre that I'm not a huge fan of, aerial-combat games. Whether they're aerial-only, or an aerial section of a larger game, I never seem to enjoy them. Second, the license is shocking. Never would I have guessed that the game to bring me to this genre would be attached to the Peanuts license, coming from a developer that I've never eve...

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Crimson Skies+Snoopy= Very COOL! 0

XBLA box art (ver 2)  Snoopy lopped out to his dog house that morning, it was like any other.  But as he approached the little red structure he soon realized that something was amiss.  He heard the distant whirring of an biplane rotator.  He then knew that the Red Baron had returned and it was his duty to defeat him.            The above scene has been played out in different ways in many Peanuts cartoons.  The essence of this kind of daydream is played out to the fullest extent in the n...

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The Peanuts Soar Triumphantly 0

 This game seemed to land with a splash and it flew right over my radar (so to speak).  Suddenly, everyone was talking about how Snoopy Flying Ace was a multiplayer experience that trumped the competition.  The idea of a Peanuts theme is certainly an interesting one, so do Charlie Brown and the other Peanuts fly successfully?  Let’s take a look! Developer: Smart Bomb Interactive Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Genre: Arcade flight Console(s): Xbox Live Arcade The verdict: Snoopy Flying Ace...

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One of the best multiplayer games on the marketplace 0

 Unfortunately, a large portion of the Xbox Live community will dismiss this title right off the bat. Primarily being based on the popular comic series “Peanuts” and using its animated style for its graphics. The saying “Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover” has never been valid , as “Snoopy: Flying Ace” is currently one of the best titles available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Snoopy Flying Ace is an aerial combat game, but doesn’t fall in as a flight simulator. Flying Ace is more of an arcad...

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