Is this game worth getting after the patches?

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I heard when the game came out it was almost unplayable due to technical issues.  Now after the patches, is the game still worth getting?  I was thinking about getting due to that it comes with the official PS3 headset.  I know that the headset alone is $50 so I may as well pay an extra $10 and get the game as well.

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No opinion on the game but the headset isn't bad (I don't have a PS3 but I bought it for my PC because it looked like the best bluetooth headset for $50 that suited my needs). Only issue is my ear's a bit small so I tossed a 3/4" length of 3/8" surgical tubing on it and now it works perfectly.

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the game is definitely worth getting. just about all the friends i have who bought this when it came out are still addicted to it. 

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lol  Can't believe you posted in here.  Anyways I got the game just for the headset mainly.  Headset = $50  Headset + game =$60

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Get the game so as to get the headset, then sell the game and make a profit.
Though i cannot reccomend the headset its voice quality is nice though i wasn't able to test it out with having to literally find people that had headsets *ended up searching outside of psn and finding manachild from here to chat with him* the voice quality is good but its one of the least comfy headsets i've ever worn its got lots of sharp corners so you cannot position it past a certain angle and since its in the ear quite a bit of preasure is put on the inner ear and its very loose instead of being tight fit.

best bet is to get a high quality bluetooth headset by plantronics or motorola and using that you will find much better ergonomic designs.

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