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94630 SpongeBat1 Game Overview 03/20/14 10:49AM 4 Approved
93972 SpongeBat1 Game Overview 03/17/14 03:30PM 40 Approved
39582 Deathawk Game Overview 06/29/13 04:35PM 11 Approved
37862 Generiko Game Overview dreamcast collection was never released on PS3 so I changed it from that to PC which it was released for 06/23/13 01:24AM 1 Approved
33561 googler2012 Game Overview 06/01/13 05:19PM 7 Approved
33560 googler2012 Game Overview 06/01/13 05:17PM 5 Approved
33559 googler2012 Game Overview 06/01/13 05:13PM 17 Approved
19100 concreteclam Game Overview Added missing release date, platform, developer, publisher, genre, and franchise information. 04/03/13 05:11PM 24 Approved
17979 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview Fixing at least some of this 03/29/13 10:13PM 1 Approved
980 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview Dr. Eggman is the character's current title. 02/13/13 01:37AM 1 Approved
953 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview Maybe if I unbold this, it'll be fixed? 02/13/13 01:11AM 1 Approved
939 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview Minor changes to things I missed the first time 02/13/13 12:58AM 1 Approved
938 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview Whoops, with the new section we can get rid of this paragraph. 02/13/13 12:57AM 104 Approved
937 BlazeHedgehog Game Overview I value consistency above presentation; if you don't have images for all stages of the same quality and resolution, don't do a section like this. Also, make them their own separate "location" articles. Also cleaning up strange wording/typos. 02/13/13 12:54AM 73 Approved

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