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A new standard for Sega’s retro re-releases 0

I have a controversial statement to make: I never really “got” Sonic CD. Oh, sure, I knew how to play the game, and I certainly didn’t hate it, but it never really seemed to click with me in the same way it did with everyone else. Yeah, Sonic CD probably has the strongest art direction in the Sonic franchise, and regardless of whether you prefer the original Japanese soundtrack or the alternate North American one, the music is absolutely wonderful. But where Sonic CD always stumbled, for me, ...

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One of the best 2D Sonic games 2

Sonic CD was first released back in 1993 on the ill fated Sega CD and people had to wonder would Sonic CD be the game to get the Sega CD back into the market well in a word not really, but Sonic CD was one of the few games to show that the Sega CD had potential, but it was just a bad system, but enough of the Sega CD, we're talking about Sonic CD one of the best Sonic games besides the original Sonic game. The story of Sonic CD has our hero Sonic learning of Dr. Robotnik doing another of his evi...

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Mo' chaos emeralds, mo' chaos emeralds, mo' chaos emeralds 0

  Sonic CD is a game for the Sega CD, or Mega CD depending on where you live, featuring everyone's favourite blue hedgehog. It's also the first apperance of Metal Sonic and Amy Rose, two of those Sonic side characters everyone loves to hate. At least it doesn't have Big the Cat. Tails is suspiciously absent, one has to wonder if seeing Sonic in the shower traumatised him for good. The Sega CD is a device with some beefed up capabilities and Sonic CD certainly makes use of them. The added sto...

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