Should this game get a sequel/reboot?

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I was clearing out my DS games not too long ago & saw this, having completely forgotten that I owned it. It was then that I remembered reading somewhere years ago that Bioware were developing (or at least thinking about) a sequel, with no word about being spoken about it since then.

So yeah, do you think this game deserves a follow-up? I mean it did end on a cliff-hanger which, while nobody's on the edge of their seats to see what happened next, would be nice to have some resolution to.

Or should the game be forgotten about, with another Sonic-based RPG that suits his style better (i.e, more speed-based combat)? Like how Mario RPGs were sort of rebooted after Super Mario RPG by Paper Mario & Mario and Luigi.

Or should the phrase 'Sonic-based RPG' be a crime if uttered in a public place?

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I think if it were more big the cat centred, i would be interested in a series.

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Yes if its more like mario rpg for the snes.

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Never played it, but heard good things.

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It came out in 2008, come on a reboot is so not needed.

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