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Save Us From This Game!

Two words can describe this game. Utter shit. This game is the worst thing Microsoft, Sega, and anybody else involving the creation of this game ever have done. I'd rather play Sonic 06, at least in Sonic 06 you could control it! But this game you can not control at all, and keep in mind all the bad things I'm saying about this are just from the trial of the game! The controls are horrible, and this is a game relies on more simple controls than finding out the answer to 2+2... Did I say finding the answer to 2+2? No that's way more complex than how simple it was, writing the answer to 2+2 when somebody is shouting "Four is the answer!" in your ear and writing it for you! This is not bad, it provides a lot of varitey for all ages to play the game and have fun. But guess why I'm mad, THEY SCREWED IT UP!!! They screwed up something as simple as leaning right and left! If you lean either way there are two things that will either happen. The lean will not register at all or you will all of the sudden fly across the screen and slam into a wall! The menu is god awful, the soundtrack is ear breakingly loud, oh and the infamous voice for some characters wants to make you throw your Xbox out the window and tear it to pieces than spit on it's remains! This game is the worst I ever played, and keep in mind that the actual gameplay time before I turned my Xbox off in either rage or exhasution for the insane amount of work you have to do to try and make this game work was about five seconds flat! I got all of this from my experince with the trial five seconds in and the other people who have reviewed this game's opinon. Nothing more needs to be said, other than DON'T BUY THIS GAME! You will suffer if you play this game and nobody wants what had to happen to them happen to you because you wanted to see how bad it was!


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