mario_galaxy_fan's Sonic 3 (Genesis) review

Sonic 3 is a very good Sonic title and one of the best

Sonic 3 is a continuation of the Sonic the Hedgehog trilogy so how good is it.

The story is after the Death Egg Eggmans flying fortress Crashes onto the Floating Island and ends up finding the gurdian and newcomer to the series Knuckles the Echidna. Dr Eggman convinces Knuckles that Sonic is the enemy and as Sonic and Tails investagate Knuckles out of nowhere knocks Sonic out of his Super form and takes the Chaos Emeralds and he shows up at certain parts to halt Sonics progress. So its up to Sonic and Tails to get them back but they have 2 problems Eggman and Knuckles.

The gameplay is very different from Sonic 2 while it feels the same way in terms of speed it adds new power ups like a Bubble shield which lets you breathe underwater a fire shield protects you from fire and you can do a dash and finally a magnetic Shield which attracts rings but  the fire shield no magnetic will disappear underwater but the bouncing bubble will remain.. Also unlike Sonic 2 and the first game there is a mid boss at the end of each act in the game and they normally take about 6 or 8 hits to defeat. Also Tails can pick Sonic up and get him to reach high platforms. You press the jump button twice. There are new special stages. If you hit a star post you get the chance to get more rings a 1 up or items. To gain a Chaos Emerald you have to enter a giant ring and collect all the blue spheres and avoid the red ones.  The special stage does seem to get fast as you move along it and its in 3D as well. The competition is you race 5 laps round a few courses and try to finish first its nothing like Sonic 2 which I felt had the best vs mode. Also unlike its predesscors if you get bored it saves you game but the next time you play you get 3 lives so you don't have the amount you quit with.

The graphics are good very nicely designed and the sound is okay

Overall this game is not as good as Sonic 1 or Sonic 2 but it is a very good title


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