Sorcery - Where The Hell Are You?

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Sup fools,

I was at a diner earlier eating some delicious left-over cake with some friends of mine, as we watched some fat kid dressed up as a Hogwarts student eat some of his chocolate pie with his bare was fascinating seeing him eat that pie down.  His mom looked over and started to talk to her server, she ended up asking if the server believed in wizards and whatnot.  It got me and my friends thinking, what the hell happened to Sorcery?  

I for one am a giant Harry Pot-Head.  I read all the books, many times, listen to the audio books at drives the girl I'm sleeping with in-fucking-sane.  So now I use headphones when she's fast asleep in the hopes it doesn't bother her.  I have some segments of the books memorized, have a poster of Luna Lovegood up in my bedroom, and have even asked the chick I'm sleeping with to dress up as a Hogwarts student for fun (she has sadly said no with a very angry face each time I have asked).  

Sorcery is the game for me.  It has magic wands, it has the clocks of invisibility, it has speaking of gibberish into the PlayStation Camera, and my fellow has awesomeness written all over it.  From the first E3 demonstration last year, this game was promised for early 2011 release...well, E3 is near us again and I want my god damn Sorcery.  I want to fave my Move controller around and shout out "CRUCIO" and own shit up.  This game is fail-proof and with The Deathly Hallows Part 2 coming out very soon, it would be best for Sony to release this game as close as fucking possible to the release of the EPIC CONCUSSION in the battle of Harry Potter and Tom Riddle.

So duders, what the hell happened to this game?

Proof For I Own The Audio Books, And Have Them Always Saved On The iPhone 4 
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I want to know what the server said in reply.

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Why do you start every single forum thread in the same way (dinner/friends/fat kid)?

Are you under the impression that some people find it funny? I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that no one does.

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