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Upon death, soul carriers spawn two essence carriers that immediately attack those who killed the soul carrier.   


  • Level 51-52 


  • Whirl Until You Hurl - Causes enemy to spin uncontrollably 

Related Quests 

  • Enchanter Test of Deception 
  • Magician Test of Shielding 
  • Monk Test of Speed 
  • Ranger Test of Thunder 
  • Rogue Test of Silence 
  • Rogue Test of Stealth 
  • Shaman Test of Shrink 
  • Wizard Test of Meditation     


  • Black Griffon Feather 
  • Djinni Statuette 
  • Dragon-hide Mantle 
  • Griffenne Blood 
  • Ivory Pendant 
  • Pegasus Statuette 
  • Shimmering Opal 
  • Sky Pearl 
  • Sky Topaz 
  • Spiroc Statuette    

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