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Best Fighting Game Of My Generation

First off I have played many fighting games from dragon ball z budokai to soul calibur 2 to mortal kombat to street fighter to capcom vs. marvel. Dont act like im just random shooting fan who comes to soul calibur IV to button mash(kilik)  or see star wars characters that dont fit.

Now that I got that out of the way time to get to my first impressions. It was a day I will never forget July 29 I was extremely excited since this would be the first game that was not a shooter for me in a while , but it is nice to get a break. I open up the game of course laugh at the coupon for chicken then insert game disc and get right to it. I made a custom character version of cervantes and went through campaign for about twenty minutes. At that moment I felt like many of these reviewers felt before they thought to think to play it more. I felt very dissatisfied and had a bad taste in my mouth it also made me think if 60$ was justified.

Next I moved to online it was great I was a button masher and winning or getting button mashed on in special versus but I was only using special versus as training. For my true enemy was standard versus ranked because the people knew all their moves and I was getting screwed. I made some more characters until eventually I found the character for me yun seong that is the worst point in all fighting games for me trying to find your character but once you find your character you feel great. I learned all of his moves and was very satisfied playing with him. Eventually I changed controls to match him and made a cooler looking custom character of him and bought all of his weapons. Same with zasamel(my version of spawn) and amy(a character I call mad cow). The create a character mode is nothing short of amazing. So many choices and more to unlock through tower of souls ascend and descend the fun really never ends then you can take your character online in LAG FREE, LAG FREE, LAG FREE.Sorry I said it three times but some people dont seem to understand how smooth online runs. Smoothest online fighting game I have ever witnessed. It is so fun to learn all your characters moves.


  • Character Creation is brilliant
  • Graphics are top notch and have great attention to detail and many art styles
  • All though single player is short each character has a different single player experience
  • Playing singleplayer on hard is challenging and rewarding
  • Tower of lost souls make the game last longer and makes you work for your unlocks
  • Achievements are good and getting some achievements unlocks equipment which is awesome

  • Yoda , Starkiller and Vader(for ps3) feel out of place and I wish they would of instead have todd macfarlane make some characters for their liking
  • Single player is considered by some to be too short if you only use one character than I would agree
  • Online has many button mashers including kilik, yoda , starkiller and more. I wish there was a button mashing server and a non button mashing server. They would prove this by doing at least half their moves in training or something because that would be nice. Or make a achievement for being able to do half your moves than people wont button mash as much. The only characters you would be able to use in the non button mashing server is the ones where you did half or more of their moves in training , single player, tower of lost souls. Just my 2$ on that

    Summary: Soul Calibur is a must have game for fans of the series and newcomers alike. If your a new comer just try to find your character and figure out his moves than enjoy online or singleplayer. I would also like to see more stages and characters and fighting styles of course in the next game including eveyone from previous games. But soul calibur IV is nothing short of amazing and truly something to experience. Many occasions I have had breathtaking  online fights where it was so close and we were both very equal and trying our hardest which is truly get to see a high quality fighting game at its best especially when it is LAG FREE.

Gamertag:HoNgKoNgPh0oEy if you want to fight.
Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy

Best Review of My Generation Please post comments of what you think of my long review

Posted by ZombieHunterOG

pretty nice i agree with your review more then jeffs 

Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy

Thank you mine is extremely in depth and better be after 50hours of play in 2 weeks.

Posted by Iraqi_Gangster

You also forgot to meantion that the Starwars characters are pretty cheap. Especially Yoda and Apprentice. Vader is the only balanced one between the two.

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