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I agree with Jeff

I have played every soulblade/soulcaliber game to date and have been rarely let down but its just a bit strange i want to enjoy this game just beacuse ive been playing the soul games since i was a todler but really it fails and wins on so many aspects for instance online play Great who dosent love online fights with your customised characters but just that good feature is counteracted with an equally bad addition to the game like weak new character additions like Yoda?(the mind of capcom "MONEY!!! WAIT JUST A SECOND PEOPLE LIKE STARWARS LETS PUT SOME IN OUR GAME TO MAKE MORE PEOPLE BUY IT!!") i still enjoy playing soulcaliberIV but it just seems like capcoms moto for IV is we are desperate which capcom realy is not lets face it bionic commando rearmed resident evil 5 Megaman 9 this year is the year of capcom its a shame whenever i remember the year capcom ruled the gaming world i will always remember SoulcaliberIV what went wrong.


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