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Spark Rising is a build and battle sandbox FPS created by Wicked Loot Studios. This action conquest game empowers you to create your own flying fortresses, creatures and ships so that you can then throw them all into massive battles. You must defend and conquer fortresses across the galaxy, as you eventually confront other players in a bid to conquer the whole galaxy.


  • 3 Gameplay Modes - Creative, Conquest, Campaign
  • Build For Warfare – Build complex environments, fortresses, ships & creatures with a voxel game engine
  • Big Battles - Jump into big battles as you fight off an army of invaders from mechs, dinos to the undead.
  • Fortify your Stronghold – Strategically place turrets, traps and troops as you lay waste to the enemy
  • Power up with Exo-Suits – Control numberous exo-suits, each with unique class-based abilities and fight enemies directly
  • Destructible & Dynamic Terrain – Dynamic terrain and environmental hazards will affect the way you fight and how enemies react.
  • Multiplayer Gameplay – Play co-op in all three game modes
  • Conquer The Galaxy - 4x strategy elements are introduced as you take on other players
  • Import your Creations - From both Minecraft & Qubicle
  • Share your Creations - Easily share what you create with our Wicked Platform

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