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I've been looking to play a spider-man game on PC, but was shattered dimensions ever released on PC? seems like the most interesting of the spidey games
Havn't been able to find it on amazon/play/ebay? The GB overview says it was released on PC?
Any info would be great

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According to torrents too, it is in fact on PC. Since it's not even on amazon or steam or anything, that's probably the only way to get it.

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@Grissefar: oh well, anyhoo thanks for the info!
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Get Web of Shadows.

It's by far the best Spider Man game and was also the last open world game. The only bad thing I can think of regarding it is the voice acting is a bit rough and it isn't optimized that well.

It's worth checking out for the combat alone. It was so good they stripped it out of Web of Shadows and put a version of it in Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time.

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