I'm pretty stoked about this game.

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Having gotten to play this at PAX Prime 09 and PAX East 10 so far, I have to say this is shaping up to be the most interesting racing game I've seen in a long time.  It's nice to see racing games straying away from the super sim model again.  While I like a good sim racing game every now and then, one good one can last a long time, and in the mean time I'd rather play something like this.  Also, just wondering, for anybody else who played at both these shows, are at least played the two different tracks they showed there, which one did you like better?

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I have never been to a convention, ever, so I can't say that I have actually played this game. What I can say is that it is looking like one of the most interesting titles of 2010, besides maybe Red dead redemption. The only thing though, that makes me nervous is actually very trivial. Whenever I see the 'Disney interactive' logo pop up before the trailers, I just cringe. Something about knowing Disney had some say in the game makes me so anxious about the title itself, I know, really dumb complaint, because Disney was a part of Pure, (also made by blackrock I believe), and that game turned out much better than anyone expected. Well, I guess we just wait until next month to really see if this game stacks up to it's insane gameplay videos. Also, I am waiting to see which game, Blur or Split/second will take the cake in terms of overall 'fun-ness'? Because it seems neck and neck right now. Can't wait.

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