Split/Second E3 2009 Reveal

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Do you love fast cars? Explosions? Large set pieces? and the brutal take down of your enemies?

I sure as hell do, all of those things are featured in this Blackrock Studio™ , and Disney Interactive Studio™ game!

This world premier trailer is pretty crazy, action packed and over the top, it appears to be a racing game, with combat, many people have tried and failed, but this one seems new and unique, as the "weapons" are not on your cars, like in full auto (not that that was a bad game), the environment is the weapon, apparently triggered giant crazy events, like a tower crash, plane crash, and bridge collapses, amongst many other environmental hazards to take out your opponents.

I don't know exactly how the triggering will work, or what roster of cars will be available, not many details are known at this time, but in the meanwhile what you can do is watch this ridiculous trailer that will leave you wanting to play the game (some conditions apply)

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I worry the triggering seems like it could be both gimmicky and repetitive.  I hope they get the core racing mechanics working well first, because I don't know how much depth a bunch of pre set 'traps' could add to the game.

Kind of a Night Trap racing game...

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