I can't sell parts or use keyboard shorcuts...

#1 Posted by XenoBreak (7 posts) -

I already made a topic on the ea spore forums but no answer yet... i just got the game today to find this problem... I DO have a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse but i never had a problem with any other game...

When i drag the part off the creature is comes off with the mouse and shows a sell price but when i release the button it snaps back onto the guy... thus any item i put on a creature is permanent... my guy looks ridiculous because of this lol...

Also i cant use keyboard shortcuts for skills and such, like space for the jump skill, i can move my guy with the arrow keys though... also when i hit enter it switches between windowed and maximized screen modes... 

I cant enjoy the game until i solve this... :(

#2 Posted by Kyle (2325 posts) -

Ouch. That's bizarre. I'm using a logitech wireless mouse and I haven't had a problem. Well I hope you've tried at least uninstalling and then reinstalling.

Maybe you should check if there's some sort of logitech utility you can use for your keyboard to help it function correctly in games and other situations, or vice versa, make sure you dont have one running already.

also make sure you've downloaded all the latest drivers for the keyboard and mouse.

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