WTf no ragdoll

#1 Posted by Nogert (148 posts) -

I could have sworn I saw rag doll in E3 videos, a game is so much more fun with rag doll physics, hell I think it should be featured in every game by now.

#2 Posted by pause422 (6275 posts) -

Spore isn't the type of game to have ragdoll is the thing, its mostly seems to be a mix between Civilization, an RTS and an mmorpg like combat in the creature stage, they would never have ragdoll in them, really shouldn't be surprising.

#3 Posted by VoidPresence (64 posts) -

if you're referring to the procedural defined animations of Spore, that isn't  'ragdoll.'  Ragdoll is movement effects of gravity and mass effects, whereas the 'procedural animation' of Spore is the game having to figure out how a species with 3 legs (for example) is supposed to walk--that is one of the break-through technologies of the game really (I still remember the days where making basic walking mechanics of a biped was ridiculously tough for designers to do).  These are no mere sprites we're dealing with.

#4 Posted by Doug_Funnie (2 posts) -

I think Nogert was referring to Will Wright's initial demonstration of Spore at the GDC in 2005. He's correct in that the dead creatures had ragdoll physics applied to them as they were eaten by others.
I haven't gotten a chance to play Spore yet, but it seems like a shame if they had to take it out for any reason.

#5 Posted by Death_Burnout (3837 posts) -

It did have yeah, its sad to say but personally id rather have that version of spore than this one, a far more mature version that is

#6 Posted by dDefinder (14 posts) -

There is ragdoll but its like stuck to the ground where ever the feet is. You'll notice this when you eat a creature. I didn't see the point of dragging  creatures bodies around in that E3 demo.

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