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Sports Car GT was released on PC and the Sony Playstation.

The game revolves around the GT series and incorporates the three-tiered system utilized in real life; GT-3, GT-2, and finally GT-1. Racing becomes more difficult as the player moves through the GT series. Sports Car GT puts you behind the wheel of numerous authentic racecars ranging from BMW's, Corvettes, Porsches and more. The game includes a mixture of real and fictional courses to race on, with the exact track list differing between the PC and PSX versions.

The game features a damage system, and the player is not allowed to restart the race if it has been more than half completed.

Sports Car GT includes a season mode where you start with $50,000 to purchase a car and begin upgrading. As you make your way through the season you will earn more money allowing access to faster cars and better upgrades.

Sports Car GT was relatively popular among the sim racing community due to the fact that it was easy to mod. Many custom cars and tracks were made for the game.

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