DS Versions Of Final Fantasy V & VI - Delayed

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Square Enix's Shinji Hashimoto has recently answered a couple of questions from Tweeting fans on his official Twitter account.
When asked about whether Matrix Software was currently working on versions of Final Fantasy V & VI for Nintendo DS, Hashimoto-san replied with:
 "For 5 and 6, there are technical issues as well, so at present these are undecided." 
 Perhaps these technical reasons warrant a move onto the technically superior DSi, or indeed a move onto the upcoming "3DS" ? 
  When asked about whether Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2) would be appearing on Nintendo's Virtual Console, his response was: 
 "This is also at present undecided."  
I certainly hops so, I hope it appears on a European Hanabi Festival too. 

 When asked about Square Enix's "Ever Heart Odyssey" appearing on anything other than iMode (Japanese Mobile), his response was also; 
 "This is at present undecided."   
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Could they fit a remake of Final Fantasy VI on a DS cart?

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I would love just Final Fantasy VI remade like they did IV, with the voicework. So this makes me realize I may be waiting even longer now for that.
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"We don't want to spend the money to build the game from scratch"  Said one Square-Enix fool. 
No, I'm kidding.

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It's probably because they are trying to make it quasi 3D like they did with FF4.  I have the FF4 DS game and after playing it I almost prefer the older sprites.
Edit:  I should say I do prefer the sprites.  I mean it wasn't block hands Cloud bad but it still didn't look right.

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I can wait for a 3DS version, but they did it on the GBA, so none of this makes a lot of sense unless they are really trying to make it BIG.

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