Credits means nothing for me at this point

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#1 Posted by Troispoint (291 posts) -

Im just floating in credits right now, and its been the case for a while(around 65 millions right now). And I imagine its been the case for many others because the economy system is such that all you need is a silver to make profit in global events and your profit will keep going exponentially bigger as you start doing global events that goes in the goes in the millions for the buy-ins. Is EA going to address this in any ways? Because Im getting bored here, competing with friends on the leaderboard is still fun, but thats where the lack of an actual permanent rank match system hurts this game the most.

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#2 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

Yeah same thing here, I feel like they're totally pointless

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#3 Posted by Grillbar (2068 posts) -

im poor since i end up using it on mystery items and trying different chars' and then end up buying gear for them that i later replace with something that has +1 in one stat. so im laying around 1-2mil

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#4 Posted by joshthebear (2704 posts) -

Im in te same boat. I'm neck deep in about 40 million and have an event that'll pay out at 10 or so. I'd love to be able to buy other boards, equipment, etc. except nothing is ever as good as what I've already got.

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#5 Posted by Twiggy199 (610 posts) -

i always blow the money on the limited edition boards.

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#6 Posted by Yossarian (67 posts) -

@Twiggy199 said:

i always blow the money on the limited edition boards.
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#7 Posted by redyoshi (1117 posts) -

I can't really resist those mystery items. I'll usually get a nice amount from ghost wins and platinum payouts but I only just hit 2 million yesterday. Then I spent it on a board that cost a million and change, it took me down to 100k again. It's lucky that I only use Kaori, if I was buying for other characters as well I'd probably be worse off.

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#8 Posted by CrazyBagMan (1099 posts) -

It would be that way for me too if I were still getting credits for global events...

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#9 Posted by Stackboy (734 posts) -

It must be hard at the top.

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#10 Posted by GorillaMoPena (3253 posts) -

I'm sick of the SSX 1% having everything


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#11 Posted by Ares42 (3429 posts) -

This is pretty much what made me stop playing. Had a ton of fun for a few days, but after getting way more credits than I'll ever need and discovering that the high-stakes events are just the same drop with the same rules over and over it stopped being interesting. The global events had so much potential, but without actually mixing things up and having a very short-term progression there's little retention-value. I'll still do a few drops now and then for fun, but not gonna bother doing any rank chasing.

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#12 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

credits are pointless. i just feel like i will get more and more.

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