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Star Force first entered the scene on the arcades. It was later released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It's a vertical shoot em up game where each stage in the game is named after a letter of the Greek alphabet.


The story of the game is that the year is 2010 of Dimension Almanac, there was a mysterious planet named Gordess which was moving in the darkness of the cosmos for the purpose of mass murder and plunder. Everyone gave up fighting against Gordess because of its awesome power. One day a brave soldier riding a space patroller challenged Gordess to fight. People called this space patroller "Final Star", wishing to be saved. You must bring an end to the murders which have committed for the past 2000 years.

Other Mediums

In episode #8 of the Tecmo-Koei produced Rio - Rainbow Gate anime series, the character Jack Mighty must hack into a computer terminal in order to regain control of an automated system. Rather use a text based interface, he programs a game to visually represent the process. That game is Star Force.

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