Season Six!

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Attention Duders,

Season 6 has just launched, which means fleet starbases! I look forward to seeing everyone work together towards making the home of the Neon Space Lobsters truly amazing. That is all.


P.S. So far I'm having a little difficulty figuring out this starbase exp stuff, gotta find some FAQ or something, really wish there was a tutorial on it.

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Any info on the starbase requirements? Like, do you have to be premium, or do you just have to be a high enough level to be on a fleet?

Regardless, this is exciting news. Might log back on tomorrow to see if my fleet has one.

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@RTSlord: @zombiebigfoot: Looking to update my Starbase primer pretty heavily in the next few days. Mainly I will be integrating the relevant stuff with STOwiki.

Anyway just to answer the question in the thread, all fleets automatically have a Tier 0 base in Eta Eridani. All level 50 players have full access to the S6 fleet actions to earn fleet marks whether or not they are in a fleet, if you're under level 50 the options are a bit limited, but not totally excluded, like STFs. The base itself is accessible to any level, and fleet leaders can decide what fleet ranks have access to contribute and shop. (In SNL it's everyone.)

All the other progression takes place in the base's contribution system, and they are timed projects (just like the DOFF system) designed to take a minimum of 7 months to go from T0 to T5 maxed. That number is based on the raw math of the timers, according to the dev responsible.

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@Brackynews: When I played, I noticed (other players have as well), that fleet bases seem to be designed for bigger fleets. Though, I am in a big(ish) fleet. It just seems like smaller fleets get the shit end of the stick with this deal, here.

On an unrelated side-note, I am getting my ass kicked on the first Klingon mission.

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@zombiebigfoot: Ah. The first FED campaign mission with Klingons, or the first KDF campaign mission? ;)

I mainly play KDF, so always up for some mission help.

As for the starbase design, they know the majority of fleets are under 50 people, and many are in 1-10 range. A fleet of 5 should be able to attain Tiers 2 or 3, is what they say. Beyond that is difficult. Seems reasonable, I think. Difficult to balance a game for 5 and 500 players.

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@Brackynews: First KDF. Fighting that Mogai escort is kickin' my ass, man. I'm wondering if I didn't put enough points into my shields or something, because he tears through my shields in seconds. My hull goes out even faster. It's the first mission to actually make me ragequit.

And yeah, that makes sense.

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@zombiebigfoot: Well, all I can say is imagine doing that same mission 10 levels lower. KDF progression has sucked for a long time, and it's better now. ;) har har

But yeah, team up and you're golden. I will probably log in about 90 minutes from this timestamp. If you're not already in a KDF fleet shoot me a mail.

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@Brackynews: Unfortunately, can't get on right now. Internet is too slow, so I log on at random times. And I think I'm in one, but it's not exactly an active one. If I'm on at the same time, I'll let you know.

My username's wintersoldier37, the character name should be Ve'nin.

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