SWTOR release date moved up to the 16th?

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I just got an e-mail from amazon said they will send my game on the 16th, didn't hear about it anywhere else... If i end up not getting early access, does that mean i can play on the 16th...

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Date is still 20th.
But Origin is sending me my product key too on the 16th, but no playing before the 20th if you don't got early access

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According to Bioware, all who pre-ordered will get early access. Unless you forgot to register your early access code. In which case, do it now. It's looking like everyone will get access by Friday, but that's unofficial.

And, yes, everyone who pre-ordered is also supposed to get an email on the 16th with their retail code. This needs to be entered on or before the 20th.

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They are allowing stores to ship early because there is no grace period to activate your retail account so to make all the little QQers happy, they green lighted the stores to ship.

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I input my pre-order code in october, i'll probably get early access tommorow... just thought it was weird that they are sending me the game early.

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I was thinking about ordering it but since it was £44.99 for the digital download I decided to pass, Pc games cost between £25-£30 usually so to charge £44.99 is a joke IMO, I have the money but I refuse to pay that much when if I wait a few months It will be less then half that price.

To charge £15-£20 more then average for a game that also has a monthly fee is beyond a joke, The LE is £64.99 and only comes with several in game items.

I do not know why I posted this here, Mainly because i just seen the price today when looking to pre-order on origin, The game looks cool and I was planning on making this my first MMo that I play for longer than a few weeks but its just the principal of it all which will make me wait as I am sick of being screwed for being an early adopter.

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This may not be the thread for it, and has probably already been answered, but what time do they stop sending out early access invites each day?

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@Marz: It was beginning to look like the game wasn't going to hit people's doors in time for launch, which apparently creates a whole dramatic event for exclusively-online games where friends can't play together and all that jazz. Result: BIoware's fanbase was going insane, complained enough, so Bioware contacted Amazon to see if there was anything they could do and to give them permission to ship early. I'm sure Amazon was nothing but willing to clear some of their inventory out of the way for the insane holiday rush.

I believe Bioware is also trying to do the same thing with other retailers. But the official launch for the game is still December 20th. Any time before them is still considered 'early access.' Hell, most consider December 13th to be the official launch for the game, as it marks the start of early access for the biggest devotees of the game.


Explanation out of the way, it's looking like you'll probably have early access by then either way. I'd be able to give you a more accurate answer if you could log into Bioware's website and tell me when you registered your pre-order code. If, for some reason, you didn't input your pre-order code, you will not be able to play prior to December 20th. The servers will be up for non-pre-orderers after a short maintenance/switching period (estimated at 3 hours) sometime in the early morning (like 4am EST) on December 20th.

If you put in that code, like right now, you're going get to play on Monday, at the very least.

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@project343: i input the code in October.. from what i've read on their forums, october got the shaft today.

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@Marz: Today's invites went from July 28th - October 5th. No shafting, it just wasn't in today's bracket.

Bioware has confirmed that tomorrow's set of invites will be from October 5th - end of November. You'll get into the game tomorrow, along with myself. Comes in 4 waves, and they seem like they'll be sent out each hour from 8am CST - 11am CST.

Cya in-game in 12 hours. :D

(ps. don't forget to join one of the Giantbomb guilds on the Mind Trick server)

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