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Starbreaker is an ultimate cyborg weapon created to be powerful enough to destroy planets and is responsible for a large amount of earth's destruction. Seemingly evil at first glance she reveals herself to be unstable after losing to Sora. While self destructing she attempts to destroy the earth forcing Sora to use her shield to reduce it's destructive power.

Attacks in SORA

Stage-6 Attacks

  • Bombs with directional explosions (similar to Bomberman)
  • Multiple bomb drop with directional explosions (full screen)
  • Pods with a laser seeking attack then rotates around screen
  • Energy based spread attack
  • Fireballs that deflect attacks

Stage-7 Attacks

Background Phases

  • Laser attacks that can't be dashed through (full screen)
  • Multiple missile launch (random placements)

First Phase

  • Multiple Lasers
  • Energy based bullet spread
  • Multiple bomb drops

Second Phase

  • Rotating red flame thrower that can't be dashed through
  • Rotating blue flame thrower that can't be dashed through (less powerful but deals damage to special meter)
  • Multiple rapid laser fire
  • Multiple bomb drop

Final Phase

  • Rotating discs that fire lasers and energy based bullet patterns
  • Massive laser attack that changes air current
  • Massive missiles
  • Multiple bomb drop
  • Condensed energy based bullet pattern

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