Let's Go In-Depth With StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm's Multiplayer

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#101 Posted by DeF (4904 posts) -

@gregoryc said:

Brian Leahy!?! Fuck I've missed this guy on Weekend Confirmed. Glad to hear he's doing some free lance work like this - looking forward to more of the same. /crosses fingers

Leahy, what's he gonna sa-hy? :D

I love that Dark Archons are basically back with this new Replicant unit! Taking over an SCV and then building Siege Tanks was fun :)

#102 Posted by chogi (555 posts) -


#103 Edited by Fuga (206 posts) -

replicate has infinite range

#104 Posted by SJSchmidt93 (4896 posts) -

Leahy? Very nice.

#105 Posted by Brackynews (4087 posts) -

I love that with every significant change to Starcraft it becomes more like Chess.

Nobody sane ever said pawns should be nerfed. ;)

#106 Posted by vinster345 (128 posts) -

@SJSchmidt93 said:

Leahy? Very nice.

Amen!! Only just found this out from GAF. Glad to have his talent surface here

#107 Posted by Y2Ken (1155 posts) -

@NDN_Shadow said:

Brian LEAHY! What's he gonna SAY-EE? On the Front PA-EEE-GE (of Giant Bomb).

This was exactly my thought when I saw this article. Sounds really good, some of these changes are nuts. Can't wait to see what the top-level GSL players do with these new units.

#108 Posted by Campbell000 (19 posts) -

Thank you Brian!

#109 Posted by baldgye (756 posts) -

has anyone see the pics of the games NesTea and MVP played??? MVP just raped all of NT's bases with that shreader unit... it was insane

   now thats some crazy and scary shit

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