Can someone explain a few things for Zones mode?

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I purchased this game a day on Thursday and have been playing it as much as possible since. I came close to finishing the campaign yesterday afternoon and started playing Zones mode. Maybe I just need to play a few more matches, but I am having trouble understanding this mode, as much as I love how frinetic and fun it is.

I understand that your team has to capture and control zones, but how is this done? I'm assuming it is destroying the other team's structures and building your own rift catcher thingy. Then, I am assuming, the longer the team stays put and defends the zone, this will cause the zone to upgrade to the next level.

Am I getting this right? Also, why don't I see any damage being done to enemy structures when shooting them with conventional firearms such as the assault rifle, handgun or sniper rifle? Thanks to everyone in advance.

P.S. I have been Googling my ass off and not able to find any site that has an explanation for this. Not even the official website ( has information on this mode.

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There is a small life bar to the side of structures when you are shooting them. Just being next to an enemy zone reactor thing causes the health of the structure to drop.

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@TentPole: I love you. Awesome. Thank you very much.

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@rmills87 I'm personally more of a fan of CTF. Seems like the base building stuff is perfect for that. However zones is still awesome and tentpole pretty much explained the jist of it.
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@TentPole Wow I actually didn't even know there were 3 layers of rings. Thanks for the post
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@Sackmanjones: Not a problem; yeah, didn't notice it until my third match. Maybe I'll see you online sometime. PSN Gamertag: RMillz87

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I'm probably am going to purchase this in the next two months, so I need this.

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@Skullo said:

I'm probably am going to purchase this in the next two months, so I need this.

It will definitely be worth your while. This game is hella fun. I'm trying to figure out whether to get a headset for the multiplayer. The problem is, the only people talking are just complaining about certain things not being like Warhawk. I would definitely purchase a headset if I joined up with a clan who is serious about the game and are competitive, while having fun. It's hard to find these days :-(

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@rmills87 There is actually a gb clan. You should join!!
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@Sackmanjones: Whaaaaaaaat? I will look for it, unless you have the name of it - forgive my ignorance with this stuff, I am very new to the multiplayer world and not sure how to join a clan. But thanks!

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@rmills87: Here is the link to the community clan. Just throw your PSN ID on there and you should get an invite. Also if you wanna add me to your friends list as well thats cool as well!
PSN: Sackmanjones

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