Starsiege: Tribes, Tribes 2 or Tribes Vengence.

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Over ten years ago, Tribes was the game many PC gamers were playing other than Quake 2 and Descent games. Tribes was an online/lan multiplayer team based game. The game is a 16 vs 16 players Capture the Flag on huge terrain maps, each team has a base and neutral control points. Some servers supported 128 player games for some serious video card killing and shit all over the place games.

Control points can be captured/hacked while the game offers faster means of transport, vehicles. Each player have different armor classes and jet-packs to aid your movement around the map. Each base has a control room where a Team Captains can watch the game in a SITREP/RTS style HUD, information is fed to you on what probes you have out detect or possibly blocked by enemy jamming devices deployed by troops. Way points can also be assigned from the SITREP as well.

Skiing is a term where players exploit the physics and a terrain to pick up mass amount of speed as gravity becomes you friend. Skiing down a hill at free-fall speed then hitting that jump plus jetpack, players experience high speeds crossing the map as the fastest means of transportation. Skiing is offer used to get you into battle the fastest or a quick getaway for flag carriers.

Combat consist either as a regular FPS, which will get you killed so quickly or more advance dogfight tactics. Aerial combat, ground to air and air to ground tactics are the basics which Tribe players had to learn to survive. Indoors, CQC is another skill needed because jet-pack plus CQC equal something disastrous or some amazing hotdog flying when you are going for the cap.

Tribes had introduced insane and unique gameplay which was not for the casual players to pick up and play. The controls were very much advance and skill was something of an achievement. Share your Tribes stories if you have em.

The big question:
Should there be a game like this be remade or retold in the current generation of PC's and consoles?


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Continued where T2 left off. Tribes Vengeance was a joke, as was Aerial Assault. When the game was taken out of the hands of Dynamix, now Garage Games, it was destined to fail in the eyes of the fanbase and the mainstream. It's simply too much of a nuanced franchise to put in the hands of another development team that did not have any hand in it's original creation. Now that Garage Games owns the IP again, I really hope that they decide to give another retail version of the franchise a shot, and try to go in the direction they left off with the second game. Consoles be damned in this case. Unless you really, REALLY enjoy having to rely on autoaim.. fast complex shooters will not work well on a large scale console platform.

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I don't think a game like Tribes would work anymore in this day and age. Leave it in the past, it doesn't need a remake or sequel this many years later. Except for the core audience that actually played and loved Tribes, I can't see anyone getting into it at this would have too high of a barier to entry for anyone to even try to. Also, wouldn't work on a console at all.

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Man, Tribes was the best back in the day. I lost so much time playing that and it was so damn fun to build bases and just try to fend off attackers. As for it being remade or brought back in some for, absolutely. This is just the type of thing I'd love to see come back and I think it's a game that would easily resonate with today's audience with FPS and the tactical aspects of base building/defense.

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Think of the possibilities, with he current gaming engines, hardware, dpad menu mapping and voice over IP, what other excuse there is not to try to bring back the spirit of the game. Finally some distructable terrain and trees for cover. The maps would look just beautiful and the framerates would be stable. Who wouldn't want to ski on it? This game is demanding in skills, we got that. All the weapons have streighnts and weakness. Lke Tribes 2, we all made favorites in inventory in case you want to go heavy defender or a capping light. Leardershipboards would have you and your friends compete in career points and who capped the most flags. Capping a flag in Tribe 2 is a difficult feat in exception of the opposite team being all total newbies. There are many new modes, like rabbit and a football/hockey game where on flag is dropped in the middle as for each team fights to take to flag to their end zone.

If an RTS could be made fore console, maybe this game could as well, for example; Battlefield. I am not asking to put the exact game as a port, instead give it new legs and keep the game's spirit close to heart. It kinda worked for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, but nailed it with Bad Company.  Auto assist aim would just get in the way for the skilled players since most the weapons are projectile base. Did I mention Jetpacks!


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Jeffsekai said:
"From what I've read about Section 8 it looks like its going to be a lot like tribes."
I was looking at the trailer and reading as much as I could about it. Still nothing on multiplayer modes, if any. No evidence of jetpacks, boost or jump mechanics. They have established the art style tribes had as in character design and tech, but so clue its going to be another tribes or something similar other than its look.

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