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Starsiege Tribes PC Review

Tribes is an all multi player game and no campaign. It is fun and the multi player is huge. Up to 64 players can play. Tribes take place in the future with all these strange weapons, vehicles, utilities, and jet packs. There inventory stations where you can choose your gun and equipment like a plasma rifle, chain gun, shield pack, and repair pack. There vehicles are all air based like scout flyers or transports. Three problems with the game is the weapons just have ammo no clips, but you can reload them at an ammo station. The graphics are pretty bad with the characters having no design, and some games can be laggy. Most of all there's no single player. The multi player modes can be customized like death match, capture the flag, and more. You can also destroy turrents, stations, or generators to cripple the enemy. Overall the game is awesome and if you like playing with others online than I definently recommend this game for you to own.

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