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Hi there! I'm new here, so be nice :3. Its been 5 days since my account, xxxxxxxxxx, was hijacked. I've heard here that a guy named Lunarbunny would 'freeze' accounts but he doesnt look active here anymore. I need help! The account has renamed numerous times, and he changed my email, and password. Here is my account now. http://steamcommunity.com/id/xxxxxxxx This guy, http://steamcommunity.com/id/xxxxxxxxx is the one who stole it. Stay AWAY from this guy. He uses SAM, and IDK about cheats, but he scams, and is just not a good person. He should be banned from EARTH. It was stolen because he put a phishing link in the chat, all nice and friendly-like. It (PHEW) did not ask for my email password, but he still completely hijacked the account. Yes, I did have steam guard, and I just entered the code when the website asked for it. >.> I was retarded that moment. PLEASE help! Oh, and by the way, I can go into offline mode on steam by shutting off my internet for a sec and turning it back on. Can I access my account like this SOMEHOW?

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does Steam help you with this kind of thing?

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Yes, I have already sent a support ticket 5 days ago, with no response yet.

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Im not sure what you expect anyone on this forum to do about it. Im not trying to be a jerk, Im just saying this isnt Valve. If your support ticket is taking too long maybe try calling them or something? Reach out to the Steam support twitter account?

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AFAIK, there is no number or twitter. I'm just trying to get advice I guess.

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Hmm maybe i should change me password one of these days...

They should really have a 2nd authenticator ala battlenet.

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I edited the account names out of your post - there is just no way to verify that anything you're saying is true, and on the chance that it isn't we can't have a post up publicly calling out Steam accounts as hackers without any evidence. Even if there was some kind of evidence, this isn't the sort of thing that is appropriate to post on the forums. Unfortunately, I'm not sure there is really anything anyone here can do to help you - you're just going to have to wait for a message to come back from Valve Support.

You may want to try the Steam forums, but you'll need a Steam account to register there.

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@ripelivejam said:

Hmm maybe i should change me password one of these days...

They should really have a 2nd authenticator ala battlenet.

Well...there is a second layer of security, SteamGuard. He defeated it by entering the SteamGuard verification code he got in his email on the hacker's fake page. Even an authenticator won't protect against simply giving attackers the authentication code.

No amount of security can protect people from themselves.

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Not much that can be done, you'll just have to wait on Valve's response and then somehow prove the account is yours I guess, I bet it will be no problem since they should be able to track all changes made to your account, and validating the original email should be enough.

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As Valve would tell you themselves the ONLY place you should be imputing your password or verification code is directly into the steam client or webstore. I mean, simple simple logic of the internet is don't click on any link from someone you don't know and trust and absolutely don't put any personal information into any non-verified pages.

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I'm just going to close this now. No one here can help, and it'll just be people chiming in to tell you that you screwed up, which you already know. Good luck getting this resolved through Valve.


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