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Alright, so I could easily just look this up on Google, but I feel better about asking you guys because when I do, it yields nothing, but the best results.\

I used to be a strict PC gamer until my computer became outdated and my parents wouldn't buy a new one. I was also very young, so I could not afford one myself. So now I'm back from the dead and this whole Steam thing is completely new to me. There are a few questions I have. Now, I recently purchased the current Humble Bundle and I have made local backups of the on-site downloads. I also received a Steam key for my games.

  1. How many times can you download the games you own from Steam?
  2. Can I activate the key on one computer and download the games on another (I want to activate them as soon as possible, but want to put them on the laptop I am getting in a month or so)?

And any other useful tips will help-- I already know that I will go broke during the Steam Sales.

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You can download an infinite number of times (theoretically). The only limitation is that you can only play a game tied to your steam account on one computer at a time. You can switch between computers, but you need to sign out of steam on one to play on the other.

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@omghisam: Thanks, kind sir! So that means I'll be able to redeem my keys on my mother's computer and play them on mine, right?

Of course, it does! I'm just very careful when it comes to stuff I've purchased.

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@MatPaget said:

@omghisam: Thanks, kind sir! So that means I'll be able to redeem my keys on my mother's computer and play them on mine, right?

Yes. Log into Steam on your mom's computer, use Steam Guard for maximum protection, and redeem the games, then when you're done with it, log out.
Log in Steam on your computer, follow the Steam Guard instructions which allow you to tell Steam "I changed computers, this is my main one now" (you'll receive a code in the mail is all), then you're all set to download the games you redeemed. 
My point is that your GAMES are tied to your ACCOUNT, not your COMPUTER, however, when you change computers, you need to PROVE to Steam that this is you trying to log into your account from the new computer.
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The best thing about Steam is for games that support Steam Cloud, you could start a game on your lap top, save it, log out of steam, log in on another PC and pick up right where you left off.

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@AhmadMetallic: How do I use Steam Guard? I've been trying my hardest to figure it out, but I haven't been able to receive an access code for it. I literally just made this account a few hours ago too.

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@MatPaget: Steam Guard sends an email to whatever email is tied to the steam account in question with the key.

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After you register Steam Guard to a computer once you won't need to again unless you reinstall Steam or deauthorize the computer. For example, I have it registered on both my desktop and my Mac.  If I wanted to use it on another computer I would have to enter a code sent to my email first.

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@Ben_H: EDIT: Figured it out.

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