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The Stein of Moggok is obtainable via a quest called "Exotic Drinks" that is offered by Clurg, an ogre merchant in Oggok. It quickly became a popular item for casters, but especially enchanters due to their ability to use illusions to appear as an ogre and complete the quest on their own.


  • Slot: Primary / Secondary
  • DEX +5, INT +10, HP +10, SV Disease +25
  • Effect: Light Healing (3 Charges)
  • Weight: 2.5 (Small)
  • Class: All
  • Race: All

EverQuest II

The Stein of Moggok is a heritage item obtainable via a quest called "It Can Be Rebuilt" that is offered by Rumdum, an ogre drunkard in East Freeport.


EQ2 Stein of Moggok
  • Slot: Secondary
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • +16 AGI, +26 INT, +60 Health, +90 Power, +90 vs Arcane, +20 Ability Mod
  • Level: 42
  • Weight: 1.0
  • Class: All Mages, All Priests, Paladin, Shadow Knight

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