Sleeper hit? Or am I an idiot?

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Anyone else found this game really entertaining? This was a real sleeper hit for me back in '05 or '06. I actually bought it totally on a whim; I was in the mood for some adventure and happened to find it really cheap at an online store. It looked decent enough to kill some time with. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed my time with it. I haven't played the second game, but I'm highly considering buying it on Steam, as it's on sale right now. Both games are. Anyone played the second? Thoughts?

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I've never played it 
It has a PC version 
I might try it out!

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@Ahmad_Metallic: Yeah, I played the PC version. That's the way to go for me when it comes to adventure in this style. If you like Point & Click adventure, indeed check it out. I enjoyed the story, and the interesting time-skipping aspect of it.
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@Chemin:  Oh wait, it's a point'n'click  
..sorry, i'll pass 
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#5 Posted by ShaggE (8288 posts) -

Can I choose both options? :P 
I keep meaning to play this. One of these days I'll get around to it. (same with Scratches)

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@Ahmad_Metallic: Oh, well, can't entertain everyone I guess.
@ShaggE: Hmm, I guess that's a plausible choice. :3 
And now is a great time to get around to it, since the games are on sale on Steam. Although the proper first game in the series (Post Mortem) is nowhere to be found over there. Too bad. Still, I found Still Life to hold it's own very well.

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