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The mighty Storm Atronach resembles a cluster of rocks bound together with magic.
Storm Atronach - Morrowind
They do not seve a single Daedric Prince, but serve one master or another on whim. They are usually found guarding Daedric Shrines scattered around Vvardenfell.

Type - Daedra
Health - 200
Movement - Ground: Walking, Running
Attacks -
  • Melee - 15-45 pts. damage
  • Shockbloom - 1-25 pts. Shock damage in 10 feet for 5 sec. on Target
Defense -
  • Shock Shield - Lightning Shield 3 pts. for 20 sec. on Self
Strengths and Weaknesses -
  • Resistance to Poison - 75%
  • Resistance to Shock - 100%
  • Resistance to Normal Weapons - 100%
  • Reflect Damage - 20%
Loot - Void Salts
Soul Level - 150 (Greater)


The Oblivion version of the Storm Atronach is slightly different from Its Morrowind counterpart.
When It moves, the rocks starts to revolve around an unseen center of mass.
Storm Atronach - Oblivion
Still, the Storm Atronachs are as dangerous as ever, and NPCs will have a hard time fighting these by themselves. Upon death, the rocks break apart and scatter everywhere.

Type - Daedra
Health - 350
Attacks -
  • Melee - 26 pts. damage
  • Atronach Lightning - 30 pts. Shock damage on Target. Immune to silence.
  • Shocking Touch - 20 pts. damage on Touch. Immune to silence.
Loot - Void Salts
Soul Level - 1200 (Greater)

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