SFIII:OE Replay - Ken (me) VS. Twelve Ranked Match

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It's in the title. I'm addicted to playing ranked matches and uploading replays regularly...usually only if I win honestly, but sometimes upload if I just get my ass handed to me very stylishly. This video was seriously the first time I had ever fought against someone who chose Twelve. I wasn't expecting to win or even come close, so I just kinda jumped around and put as much pressure on the guy as I could. This is easy to do with Ken, which is why I like him. As you can see I play very recklessly. I think it pays off sometimes just because the other guy simply doesn't expect me to do some of the stupid things I do to try and win. And when I'm really at a loss as to what to do, you can see I just revert to a pattern and do it until it stops working. I'm pretty proud of this final round though. Comments, insults, random death threats...all welcome.

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@needforswede: just a heads up, there is a thread here on GB specifically for uploading your matches. ----> Link

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