Any difference between the original TE stick and the Round 2 one?

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#1 Posted by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

Because there is like a 50pound (as in money, not weight) difference between the 2. If its just because the Round 2 is newer so they discounted the old one to sell, ill just grab the original TE. Cheers for any help.

#2 Posted by OllyOxenFree (5008 posts) -

I believe it's just a different coloured version of the first TE.  Parts are all the same.  So just choose the one that you like.

#3 Edited by Jeffsekai (7155 posts) -

Rounds 2 has different art and costs more. 
lock this please

#4 Posted by Rhaknar (6299 posts) -

cheers, guess ill get the original then, much cheaper

#5 Posted by lordofultima (6563 posts) -

Same thing, one is more black.

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