Rage-Quit Demon Results and criticisms thread.

#1 Posted by StaticFalconar (4849 posts) -

Welcome to another perch of StaticFalconar, the results thread

And the Winner is: Iggins

GN Screen Name PSN Points wins loses %
Iggins  Iggins238 GMT-0 40 12 4 75
squirtle_squad  squirtle-squad GMT-7 30 11 8 57.89
StaticFalconar StaticFalconar GMT-8 30 9 8 52.94
trueSpark trueSpark GMT-8 30 10 13 43.47
mubress  mubress2 GMT-0 10 5 7 41.66
FLStyle FLStyle GMT-0 10 6 12 33.33
Keeng Keeng GMT-5 10 3 6 33.33

As much as Iggins seem to plow through the competition, he did get beat by squirtle-squad's Dan. Hell I'm impressed Squirtle_squad's Dan got as many wins as he did. Before I had arbitrarily given out points for the unplayed matches, but I found that had just inflated the points (So I didn't do it this time). Iggins totally deserved being the winer since he was a real trooper and stayed up til 3 in the morning to get most of his matches out of the way.

The most frustrating thing that occured was of course the lag. Now I'm not saying the results would have been much different if there was no lag, but rather I didn't feel we really played each other. Things like pulling a whiffed EX move (should have been my ultra) after blocking your ultra (perhaps you pulled your ultra because of lag too) and general walking into fireballs like a dumbass was just yell at your screen frustrating. Hell, just general staying in one place while the other person just makes a combo video out of you. But I know, when we are 8 timezones away there isn't much we can do; so I have not act like a scrub and take my loses like a man; afterall just because there was lag, doesn't I would have won those matches even if there was none. Nobody played like a noob and everybody showed some understanding that they knew what they where doing.

Yes, yes next time I will try to make sure people don't have finals and are graduating/moving in and out during the tournament so they can actually attend the damn thing. This tournament was most fun the first day of matches since everybody just kind of signed on and played each other and joined a chat room to talk about everything right there. I'm thinking of making that mandatory for the next one where everybody has a 12 hour window to get all thier matches in and any matches that dosn't get played simply don't. (I will try to be considerate as to the actual time window so nobody plays at 5 in the morning) What do you guys think about that? It will truely be a Giantbomb gaming session still with league play. You don't have to worry and plan one day for one match only to find yourself rusty that day. With one long gaming session even if you find yourself rusty the first match, everything will come back to you by the end of the session anyway. Anyway, let me know what you think. If there is anything else you like to suggest then by all means.

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Awww yeahhh, i'm the rage quit demon!

I've gotta give major props to squirtle squad,  that whole match is still a blur to me. Also much love to staticfalonar for arranging all of this.
I like the short tournament idea, i played most of my matches the first night and it was super fun.
You're all still on my friends list so if anyone wants a rematch just ask.

#3 Posted by trueSpark (32 posts) -

This tournament was plain awesome. Congrats Iggins!

I lucked out and didn't have too many issues with lag this time around, although I've had enough laggy fights elsewhere that I can see how it'd be a bummer.
I also like the idea of the short window for matches. Seems to me that would remove a lot of the confusion of trying to schedule the things.

Thanks again for putting the work into this, StaticFalconar!

#4 Posted by mubress (1517 posts) -

Well done to Lggins, deserving winner!

The standard of the tournament was pretty good all round, only problem I had was getting all my matches done. Therefore I'd back the idea of holding the tourney over a short period of time.

Anyway, props to Static for setting it all up, was good fun :)

#5 Posted by squirtle_squad (266 posts) -

congrats Iggins
great games all around
cant wait til the next one
had a lot of fun hopefully my dan will prevail next time but i doubt it lol :p

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