Who's playing this game? What do you think?

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For those who haven't you can get it here(It's free)

I've only played about 20 mins of it (and gotten nowhere) but so far I think it's pretty good.

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I'd love to, but Jesus Christ it's taking forever to download 33.8mb.  I'm guessing traffic's crazy and it's going well?

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Holy shit I totally had forgotten. Thanks dude! Downloading now.

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Just bumping this thread because it seems many don't know about this game and I think it needs some attention.

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Well, playing with a 360 controller is awful. Other than that, it feels and looks like the 8-bit megaman games. So I don't like it.

Music is nice though.

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I really like it and the music is amazing. For anyone getting the game start with Chun-Li.

Here are the bosses' weaknesses:

Ryu > Chun > Viper > Dhalsim > Blanka > Rose > Rolento > Urien > Ryu

Some cool secrets:

Play as Mega man with no helmet- Highlight Ryu's stage, hold shoot then tap right, right, right, left. You'll end up on Blanka's stage select and hear a chime if you did it right.

Hadouken and Genei jin/Sei Ei enbu- At the press start screen hold down shoot+jump for about 6 seconds. You'll hear a chime after you've held them down for long enough. Enter any stage you wish to. You will see a blue weapon meter next to your life bar. Motion down,down-forward,forward+shoot to fire a hadouken. You can hold shoot after the motion to charge up to a red hadouken. To activate genei jin/se ei enbu press shoot and weapon swap1 at the same time. It will last until your energy runs out or you die. It will allow you to shoot three times at once.

Play Guile's theme music- On any stage pause the game hold jump and tap up, down, down, down. Guile's theme music will start to play if you entered it correctly.

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I played through the game yesterday and I enjoyed it. The music is great in this game.

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I've been posting my thoughts as I play in this other thread. I've gone through the game about four times now, along with beating the secret end boss. To summarize:

  • It's really obvious it's a fan game, from some of the physics and mechanics feeling off (example: You can't nudge forward without taking a step like you could in other Megaman games), to the game doing THE WORST THINGS that every single terrible Megaman rom hack does. This ranges from an unhealthy love for shielded enemies, putting said enemies in narrow hallways with no way to pass them, making some screens feel like bullet hell, filling rooms with a ton of enemies that require pixel perfect movement to dodge or are unavoidable all together, etc.
  • The level design is super boring and bland. Out of all the stages, the only one that even remotely stood out as fun to play was Uriens. All the others were forgettable, or super obnoxious to play. Specifically, Dhalsim's maze level with dead ends made just to confuse and annoy players going in blind, and Vega's super long vertical climb bullet hell.
  • The boss fights are clearly where all the work went, and some of them are pretty enjoyable. Some fall flat, like Chun-Li who's laughably easy. Others like Urien, C.Viper, and Rolento are super fun to fight. And the secret boss is probably my favorite boss in the entire game. Really tests how good you are at reaction just like an actual game of Street Fighter.
  • The sunburst effect when a boss beats you with their super and the "PERFECT" message when either you beat a boss or a boss beats you without the winner taking any damage is clever. Also the continue screen is pretty neat, but Megaman should have looked a little more beat up. Right now it just looks like he hasn't had food for weeks.
  • None of the weapons felt really useful outside of boss fights. Hadoken and Optic Laser are the go to weapons for clearing through stages fast and painless, and while Tropical Hazzard's replacement for rush coil is neat, there's only really one place worth using it to get through a level faster (outisde of it's use in the boss gauntlet stage for the E-Tank)
  • Having no save system or password system is inexcusable.

Overall, it's an okay game. After playing it so many times I've come to appreciate it for the boss fights alone, but everything else is kind of hot garbage in comparison to some fan games or homages like Rokko Chan. I just hope Capcom doesn't see the downloads for this and decide "FUND MORE MEGAMAN FANGAMES" because I can't state enough how a lot of them are absolute shit.

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@Morbid_Coffee: How long is one play through?

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I'm hearing some complaints about the game crashing/locking up systems when one quits the game and that there is something off about the password/save system but I don't know from first hand experience.

#11 Posted by Morbid_Coffee (974 posts) -

@Conker: Depends on how good you are at Megaman games, I guess? My first playthrough was about an hour and a half but I've been getting through the game in about 40 minutes now.

#12 Posted by DarthOrange (4131 posts) -

I tried beating Ryu's stage and couldn't make it to the top of the ladders. Made it to the boss in Blanka's stage and got close. As stated before, it is obviously a fan game, it lacks polish and some of the level design is just bad. But it is free so whatever. 

#13 Posted by Dan_CiTi (4035 posts) -

It's like all 8-bit Mega Man games to me, the music, the bosses, and the powers are really cool and fun, but nothing else about the game is something I like or ever really want to do. Also the level design is mediocre compared to Mega Man 9.

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Vega is impossible. He just does the dropkick over and over again which is basically unavoidable if he doesn't begin it on the far opposite side of the screen and is invulnerable during 90% of his animations. I've barely even died in the rest of the game, and can complete his stage easily without taking any damage, and if I had one energy tank I could kill him. Chun Li's attack is somewhat effective against him, but not substantially more effective than the mega buster and puts you in melee range.

Also I seriously don't get why everyone is harping on it for not having a save feature. Alt tab and mute it. Done. You can come back to it whenever.

Edit: You can definitely change directions without stepping, Rolento's stage was the only one I found overly difficult or unfair/obnoxious (so far). I honestly don't know what you're talking about in regards to Vega's stage. There are way worse stages in shipping Megaman games, and it doesn't do anything even remotely approaching a "bullet hell" stage. The dead ends on Dhalsim's stage are usually only 1-3 screens long, and really not that inconvenient to traverse on their own (and at least one of the 3 or so dead ends I remember awards an E tank).

If anything, the game is too easy compared to some shipping Megaman games (in general).

After watching some videos of other people defeating Vega, I think it's just a matter of luck. In my game he keeps doing the drop attack over and over and over and over, and I've not seen him do this to anyone who defeated him in that life in their video. So apparently I'm just getting fucked over by AI/therandom number generator or something.

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They're offering a US version and an EU version; anyone know what the difference is?

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For being a free game I thought it was pretty good. A lot of the weapons were pretty pointless. Some bosses were too hard and some I beat first try with one hit. I thought the levels were fine for the most part. A few sections were aggravating. My main problem was I couldn't get the damn thing to work right. Once it just closed itself, then it was going about 2 frames a second, then the video went totally black, then froze and refused to close and I had to shut down the whole computer because nothing else would work, then just video would freeze till I paused then it would catch up and could see where the enemies and I had moved while the video was froze. I beat Blanka by unpausing, playing for 2 seconds based on where he and I were, pausing and seeing what he was doing and where I was and repeating. Finally someone had recommended to make a new user on Windows and play it on there and that worked for whatever reason although there were still instances of bad framerate. Worst thing in the game is the Vega fight and having to use the analog stick where you sometimes slide when you wanna walk and walk when you wanna slide and the best is probably the final boss and Ryu and Chun Li's adorable 8 bit voices. I don't think not having passwords or saves makes much of a difference since you can beat it in 2 hours at the most. Playing with a dpad would of made it a lot more enjoyable. Id give it a 3/5 cause of it running shitty/being a pain in the ass to get working and for being short, but its fun while it lasts.

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