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Waiting out a more lucrative contract

 Strike Man's sprite.
Strike Man is a Robot Master designed for and first appearing in Mega Man 10. His theme is designed around the sport of baseball. His design clearly evokes an actual baseball, with his round, white torso and yellow "seam." He also wears a glove on his left hand, as his special attack, the Rebound Striker, involves pitching a destructive ball at Mega Man in hopes of beaning him over the head, in truly professional fashion. 


 He looooooves them balls.
Strike Man's stage is at a stadium and features many soccer themes in addition to the baseball ones. The stage's midboss, called Goalie Keeper, is a giant soccer goal with hands that bounce around a lethal soccer ball, and later in the stage are rocket-propelled soccer balls that hover in sequence precisely at Mega Man's running speed and require accurate timing to clear.

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