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Succoria was the Empress of the Tainted Coil during the Black Tear Rebellion. She led the demons to victory over the revolting human forces by opening the Sea of Black Tears created by Aetulia. The human forces were driven to drink from the Sea of Black Tears to gain some of the Power of Aetulia, only to end up being driven insane by her overwhelming grief. These "tear drinkers" were the precursors to the creation of the Drowning Doom.

After her victory over the humans, Succoria held various ceremonies of ritualistic orgies and sacrifices to create a rift in time to transport herself into the future where she would reclaim her place as Empress once the Tainted Coil had unlocked the mysteries left by the Titans and conquered the world. Succoria was accompanied to the future by a group of slaves. Hidden amongst which was the human leader Rignarok, with the intent of murdering Succoria. Succoria also brought along with her a magical emblem in the shape of the fire beast Ormagoden which would transport it's bearer back in time when offered a blood sacrifice.

Upon arrival to the future, Succoria was amazed to discover the world of the future was ruled by humans who had unlocked the Titan's legacy. Her shock quickly gave way to overwhelming despair, leading Succoria to give up her dream of world domination and free her slaves. Rignarok, seeing Succoria's spirit utterly shattered by the reality of the future, took pity on the demon, and took her to live in the wilderness away from the world of humans. Succoria came to rely on Rignarok, developing into trust and then love, resulting in the birth of child. The birthing proved to much for Succoria's emotionally weakened form and she passed away during the birth. Rignarok buried his demonic love taking her magical emblem and their child to live among humankind. The child was human enough in appearance to live a relatively normal life among the humans despite his half demon bloodline, and went on to become the greatest roadie of all time (spoiler).

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