dooops's Sudeki (Xbox) review

One of Xbox's better looking RPGs

This game is either loved or loathed. Several people, including myself, had been waiting a long time for Sudeki to come out. The hype was built up on Gamespot and several other gaming sites. The graphics were very appealing and it looked very promising.

I had not played a RPG in a long time so this was a nice change of pace.

The game starts you off with a bit of a tutorial. It teaches you what you need to know. Depending on your playing skill this should not take very long. The controls are pretty easy to use but can become cumbersome later on in the game when the action is intense. It becomes difficult to handle four different characters at once. This does not occur too often during the game. It seems that you do not have the time to control each character the way you want when it does occur.

The graphics are very pleasing to the eye! The particles and spell effects are well drawn and keeps you smiling each and every time. You find yourself casting spells even when you do not have to just to see some of the effects! I experienced no lag or frame rate degrading when the scene was action packed.

The voices in the game have a British accent. So if you do not enjoy that accent it came become bothersome. I had no problems with the voices but some have complained about the accents. The music is great throughout the game. They have characters in the background shouting or speaking to one another as you walk by them which adds to the atmosphere.

The storyline is pretty good. There are a few twists that keep you guessing. For the most part it's a usual RPG storyline.

The game does have some playback value as do most role playing games. The game does have several side quests that help you along the way. You have several weapons for each character during the game but they seem to be very out of place and useless at times! You receive some weapons near the end of the game with stats that are inferior to some of your starting weapons! A total waste of weapon! You end up using maybe 2 or 3 different weapons for long periods of time throughout the game.

I did enjoy this game but it did not live up to what I was hoping for. I suggest playing this game if you are a RPG lover.

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