8 seconds!

#1 Posted by langdon_alger (62 posts) -

what's your best time?

#2 Posted by chilibean_3 (1811 posts) -

I'm pretty sure 8 seconds means you've set the world record.

#3 Posted by Pepsiman (2766 posts) -

Not sure if it counts since I'm not sure how different the iPhone version is to the original browser one, but I just attained 118 seconds in the original version. What you get is always a bit hit or miss depending on what's randomly generated and how good you are at shifting position based on what's incoming in the periphery, but alas.

#4 Posted by Saadnation (36 posts) -

My record is 36 seconds on my iPad. I love high score games like this that take less than a minute or two for a full game

#5 Edited by A_Dog (755 posts) -

6 seconds. I'm not very good.

EDIT: i just realised realised there's difficulty settings... 6.16 on hexagonest and 26.09 on hexagon.

#6 Posted by Artikay (135 posts) -

Also 36 seconds... On the easy setting, Hexagon. 5.7 on Hexagonest.

Best game ive played in a while.

#7 Posted by nemesisND1derboy (35 posts) -

37.15 on Hexagon. I'm fine until I get to square for some reason.

#8 Posted by KZeni (90 posts) -

I was stuck at square for a while on Hexagon mode, but getting past that change-up has me at 59.52. Yeah, 1/2 a second short of hexagon rank... 36.16 on Hexagoner & 11.11 on Hexagonest.

#9 Edited by rpwll (93 posts) -

My best right now is 78 seconds, but I did play a fair bit of the flash game a while back so I guess that helps.

Edit: I just had a crazy good round, 112:37, #4 in the world!

#10 Posted by Little_Socrates (5834 posts) -

I'm at 44.37 seconds so far on Hexagon. I can't get the High Scores tab to work on my iPhone.

#11 Posted by BonzoPongo (114 posts) -

28 seconds. Had to stop playing because it was making me dizzy

#12 Posted by DirtyData (83 posts) -

@rpwll: Way to go! any tips for the rest of us?

#13 Posted by Scrawnto (2492 posts) -
  • 33:51 on Hexagon
  • 22:51 on Hexagoner
  • 09:18 on Hexagonest

This game is hard! When I first started I couldn't see how anyone could get past 5 seconds on any difficulty.

#14 Posted by BisonHero (8318 posts) -
  • 33:51 on Hexagon
  • 22:51 on Hexagoner
  • 09:18 on Hexagonest

This game is hard! When I first started I couldn't see how anyone could get past 5 seconds on any difficulty.

Haha, yeah, after the briefest of tutorials, it is immediately ON.
#15 Posted by Splandon (19 posts) -

35:03 on Hexagon

21:29 on Hexagoner

and a paltry 5:42 on Hexagonest

This game definitely has it's hooks in, though. One of the best iOS games I've played this year.

#16 Posted by fuzzy510 (239 posts) -

I'm at 61:54 on Hexagon, 26:46 on Hexagoner, 9:18 on Hexagonest, and 10:39 on Hyper Hexagon.

#17 Edited by generic_eric (26 posts) -

On PC via Steam

  • 24:3430:51 50:25 on Hexagon.
  • null on Hexagoner
  • null on Hexagonest

On iOS,

  • 13 on Hexagon.
  • null on Hexagoner
  • null on Hexagonest
#18 Posted by deano546 (191 posts) -

Hexagon: 65.51, Hexagoner: 66.10, Hexagonest: 38.30, haven't really tried the hyper levels yet.

#19 Edited by F1000003 (76 posts) -
  • Hexagon 126.22134.47138.54 169.91
  • Hexagoner 88.59 113.12
  • Hexagonest 61.17
  • Hyper Hexagon 66.02
  • Hyper Hexagoner 61.24
  • Hyper Hexagonest 20.38
#20 Posted by Rasmoss (511 posts) -

77,53 on Hexagon

#21 Edited by ViciousReiven (871 posts) -

Hexagon 82:06 
Hexagoner 67:51 
Hexagonest OLD-28:28 NEW-35:58
I find it best to play while actually thinking/listening to something else (podcasts, background video, etc) to let your subconscious handle the game.

#22 Posted by Shortbreadtom (932 posts) -

64.36 Hexagon

52.23 Hexagoner

22.14 Hexagonest

11.16 Hexagonerest

#23 Posted by deox (237 posts) -

36.11 seconds on Hexagon!

#24 Posted by OmniscientCajun (147 posts) -

Hexagon: 67:35 (Hyper: 14:06)

Hexagoner: 72:25 (Hyper: 13:46)

Hexagonest: 21:14 (Hyper: N/A)

Damnit, I love this game. All times are on the Steam Mac version.

#25 Posted by Mitch0712 (580 posts) -

45.34 Hexagon

30.59 Hexagoner

10.37 Hexagonest

#26 Posted by Garris (260 posts) -

61 I believe on hexagon

like 12 on hexagoner

1.5 on hexagonist I believe

#27 Posted by CaLe (4220 posts) -

I played it about a month ago and couldn't break 10 seconds after many tries. Then I fired it up while listening to the GOTY stuff and got 13 seconds on my first try. I don't understand that at all.

#28 Posted by L1GHTN1N (737 posts) -

Playing on Steam with a 360 controller:

Hexagon 65.45 (52.30 Hyper)

Hexagoner 63.09 (44.11 Hyper)

Hexagonest 24:50 (No Hyper)

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