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Super Mario Galaxy Review

Lets start off with the story on super Mario galaxy. The story in this game is among the best. I love all the stories in Mario when browser steels peach but this one is the best. The whole space idea I thought was great. It had a good story behind it. The story when you had to get enough was great when you had to go into different places and blast off into different levels, which I thought, was interesting.

The levels in Super Mario Galaxy are great they put allot of thought into them and they all work out great. There were a lot of obstacles just like plan old Mario and it was great. The suits that Mario wares in this game I thought were interesting some were hard to play with but they were all cool and fit into the levels. The graphics in this game are one of the greatest on the Wii so far.

Mario in his new game has some improved moves like he can spin the new double jump back flip and some others. In this game you can collect little gems that lay around all the levels. You can get it by jumping or you can point the Wii remote at the stars and you automatically get them witch was an easier way. I liked how they added the stars I thought it was a great addition. This game really hit the spot when I saw that it was going to be held in space. It was a great idea and a good addition to the series.

I liked how in this game every base you go to has its own name and inside it looks like they called it like the kitchen. In this game you have a little star that comes from this base in space that helps you on your journey. He helps you do all your moves like spin and other thing I thought that this idea that it follows you around was cool and I liked it. I like that you can go to the library that when you go in Rosalina is there and tells you a story on how she became to come in space and what here live story was I thought this was interesting and cool to know. Super Mario Galaxy keeps on pulling you in for more action because you always want to see what is going to happen when you collect all the stars even now that you are in space.


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