What's your run-button of choice?

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I started with X, Mario-style or whatever, but quickly shifted to RT after like level six. 

#3 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

I thought you could only use X. Okay, I'm switching to RT.

#4 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

Right trigger all the way.

#5 Posted by superpapergun (104 posts) -

Right Trigger until my finger starts to hurt then i switch to Left Trigger. Mainly RT though.

#6 Posted by delicious_lie (138 posts) -

x all the way!
you gotta kick it old school.

#7 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

X through all the light levels and like 40% of the dark levels so far.
I tried LT for a bit and that seems fine too.

#8 Posted by Bouke (1400 posts) -
@takua108 said:

#9 Posted by Cwaff (1316 posts) -

X and always running!

#10 Posted by Vextroid (1463 posts) -

Right Trigger. Thus my thumb never leaves the jump button.
#11 Posted by takua108 (1579 posts) -
@Cwaff said:
" X and always running! "
So, like, you're using the joint of your thumb for those super-accurate jumps? I tried this at first, but man, a few levels in and this becomes impossible, at least for me.
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@TheGreatGuero said:

" I thought you could only use X. Okay, I'm switching to RT. "

This. My aching thumb is saved!
#13 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -
@dankempster said:
" @TheGreatGuero said:

" I thought you could only use X. Okay, I'm switching to RT. "

This. My aching thumb is saved! "
Your index finger will hate you for this.
#14 Posted by deadmoscow (287 posts) -

I started playing with my Mad Catz fight stick, it was amazing how much tighter the controls got.  If you have an arcade stick, try it for this game for sure.

#15 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I'd like the right bumper more.  I feel like that one gives more precise response.  X is terrible though. 
#16 Posted by DrBeardface (281 posts) -

Grew up using X button, seems most comfortable to me now.  Is anyone else starting to get Street Fighter IV-esque calluses on their run/jumping thumb?

#17 Posted by EVO (4028 posts) -
@takua108 said:
I dunno how people do this. There are many parts which seem impossible to run through?
#18 Posted by Garfield360UK (551 posts) -

Right trigger, it just feels the most natural when using the XBox 360 pad personally but I dont hold run all of the time as i tend to misplace certain jumps if I do so.
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@EVO: I've found that running and going as fast as you possibly can often presents the solution to many problems. obstacles seem regularly designed to be taken at maximum speed.
#20 Posted by Bandecko (8 posts) -

I also didn't realize you could use the triggers.  Grew up holding down run and mashing jump with my thumb joint since SMB, so I just naturally fell into it.

I'm definitely going to give RT a try though.

I tried using my MadCatz Fightpad, but the button placement was awkward.  Perhaps with the trigger for run it won't be so much.

#21 Posted by Eristocrat (454 posts) -

I feel like I have more accurate control with the X for some reason but if it is a never not running level I switch to LT after 10 or so deaths.  Even then though I still hit the A button with my thumb knuckle.

#22 Posted by cstrang (2362 posts) -

Always RT.  Although after about an hour of play I need to take a break 'cause my finger (actually, my whole body from my muscles being so tense during play) hurt.  
And, yes, @takua108 said:

#23 Posted by foggel (2777 posts) -

I don't play it, but as I automatically hold x when playing sidescrollers no matter what, I can imagine that that would be my button of choice.
@Dany said:

" @dankempster said:
" @TheGreatGuero said:

" I thought you could only use X. Okay, I'm switching to RT. "

This. My aching thumb is saved! "
Your index finger will hate you for this. "
#24 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

Didn't even know you could not use Rt. I'm still sticking with it, so I can run and jump easily.

#25 Posted by MistaSparkle (2283 posts) -

Didn't know about X to run for the first three worlds so I'm in the habit of using RT. Pretty uncomfortable but feels right.

#26 Posted by Scrawnto (2499 posts) -
@TheGreatGuero said:
" I thought you could only use X. Okay, I'm switching to RT. "
#27 Posted by Jasta (2232 posts) -

Right Trigger, my thumb takes a little longer to go numb this way.

#28 Posted by mnzy (2966 posts) -

You can use LT? You probably just saved me from being forefinger invalid!

#29 Posted by KingPossum (241 posts) -
@deadmoscow: I'm going to try my madcatz TE fightstick on this thing tonight after I finish watching Batman. Sounds awesome and I'm glad the controls seem tighter on it.
#30 Posted by Garden_Ninja (110 posts) -

I didn't even know you could use LT.
I use the Right Trigger.  I tried X for a bit, since that's how you had to play most old school platformers, but trying to use your thumb to do two things at once means one of those things is less precise, at least for me. 
I haven't had any trouble with my fingers getting worn out, but because the levels are so short (30 seconds at most, so far), it is a great game to play a few levels here and there, so I've been using it as a palette cleanser.  I'll play for 15 minutes, then play another game for a while (Oblivion, lately.  Seriously, I bought that game when I got my 360, and I am only finally close to beating it, 3 years later)

#31 Posted by gla55jAw (2767 posts) -

I've been using X, I had no idea about RT. I shall try that out.

#32 Posted by myalt22 (96 posts) -

Right Trigger, because using X makes you hold the controller in a retarded manner.

#33 Posted by WalkerD (485 posts) -

I've only used X, being fairly use to using my thumb to hit two buttons at once. It's not nearly as bad as having to crab claw some virtual console titles with the gamecube controller.

#34 Posted by Eaxis (1002 posts) -

At first I used X but on harder levels it became awkward to jump, and now I run with RT,
#35 Posted by WalkerTR77 (1526 posts) -

YOU CAN USE THE TRIGGERS! Fucking shitcunts, I've been using X for 6 worlds now.

#36 Posted by MancombSeepgood (370 posts) -

Definitely RT. I was using X but then I found it awkward to hit A and hold X while letting go of A at the right time for certain, more difficult jumps. Generally, RT is just more comfortable and easier.

#37 Posted by Arjuna (918 posts) -

RT; you want your run button far away from your jump button lest you accidentally press one or the other.

#38 Posted by phuzzybunny (174 posts) -

Right trigger! Had no idea you could use x.

#39 Posted by ViciousAnchovy (825 posts) -
@takua108: Haven't played it. But, I'll say you have a fitting number of posts for Halloween. I remember one Halloween one of my Forces in Phantasy Star Online had 666 hp.
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I mostly just use the X button because of my mario super thumbs, but if i've committed to a level and i wont stop until its done i change between X and RT to give my thumb a rest.

#41 Posted by supermike6 (3769 posts) -

I pressed the Left Trigger button on the poll, but I actually use RT. I guess I just ruined the truthiness of this poll.  
Sorry, everyone!

#42 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1281 posts) -

I alternate to avoid my thumb from cramping like in the NES days.

#43 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5882 posts) -

X. So much easier than using the trigger buttons

#44 Posted by gunbladewarrior (16 posts) -


#45 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2824 posts) -

X all the way and I'm close to 100%ing the game. I tried the triggers but I grip them so tight for some reason and it hurts my fingers. Also I get "rub your tummy while tapping your head" syndrome using RT and A for controls.
#46 Posted by Falcon_Davis (11 posts) -

It's more fun using X (old school like) but sometimes have to switch to RT to avoid twisting my thumb in unnatural ways when jumping alot

#47 Posted by SubwayD (666 posts) -

Oh noo. I clicked Left Trigger bymistake. 
Roscoe all the way, man!

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