Why Super Meat Boy is the best game of 2010

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Well, that sucks for you, friend. I can't see your post...

Uh, but I'm inclined to agree in many ways. While it's not my personal CHOICE (that was Deadly Premonition, followed by Mass Effect 2,) Super Meat Boy is literally MOMENTS behind both games. It's also probably the most timeless game amongst the three, and the most likely to survive age well (though, maybe Deadly Premonition is timeless because, on the surface, it would've been initially viewed as terrible almost no matter when it came out.) I beat the SHIT out of Super Meat Boy (one of my few S-Ranks, actually) and it was probably the most pure, unadulterated fun I had last year. Also, I feel like Super Meat Boy just embarrasses the hell out of the entire Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, making irrelevant almost all 2D platformers of the last fifteen years (and some of the best ones even before that.)

In the end, though, Super Meat Boy never changed the way I looked at games in general, just the way I looked at platformers. It's a wonderful game, and it took a lot of mental grinding to put it under Mass Effect 2.

Also, I'm not gonna explain the Deadly Premonition thing here; just know that it's genuine, and that I'm intending to either do a major write-up about it or maybe even record an episode of my podcast dedicated to it. If you let me know if you're actually interested, I'll share it with you when the time comes.

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I remember this thread from when it actually, properly existed. Good times.

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If all the posts were gone, then how did he post in here?

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