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Super Monkey Balls

- Very cool concept and design
- Sometimes good graphics

-Horrible Control Scheme
-Very Short game made terribly longer by bad boss fights and some extremely difficult sections
-Only a handful of the 50 mini games are even worth attempting

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz offered a little fun at first but from the first minute you play the quality will spiral downhill until you can not take it anymore.

Super Monkey Ball is often hailed as being a game that uses the wii controller to its fullest potential, but I could not understand how someone would even think that after playing the game. It seems like the wii remote would be a good fit for this type of game, but it simply does not have enough precision to accurately guide your monkey across the courses. You will find yourself moving the wii remote crazily just to keep your monkey on a somewhat straight path. You will also find that the controls often times cause you to fall off the course or miss hitting a boss.

The single player portion of the game has the player going through 8 stages with 8 levels and a boss fight and each stage. This at first may seem like a solid length for a game but each level in a stage will only take you a max of 2 minutes to complete. The overall length for all of the stages is about 4-6 hours depending how good you are, but a few tough stages and boss fights will take up most of that time and it feels like the game should be 2-3 hours in length. The concept and some of the level designs are good but the stages are very difficult made even harder by wonky controls.

The second aspect of the game is the multiplayer mode which consists of 50 party games(the wii is the king of party games). Some of the games are very good such as monkey disc golf and paper sumo fighter but a good 40 out of the 50 games are just terrible and also have horrible control options.

The graphics and sound offer nothing extraordinary, but some of the stages look very cool.

Overall I cannot recommend buying this game at all.
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