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Hey Giant Bombers - 
  Need help ID'ing an old SNES game.  It should be an easy one, I am just drawing a blank.  It was your typical beat-em-up but this time you were a group of cyborg ninjas.  You had your "light" female, a "medium" blue/robotic ninja and a "heavy" who I can't recall much about.  Any input?

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The Ninja Warriors/ The Ninja Warriors Again?
I didn't know it off the top of my head, but thats what I got from 3 minutes of searching.
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Ha. Viewing this post just completed a quest for me. Interesting. I had gone to that page several times before for this quest and couldn't understand why nothing would unlock and couldn't believe that the answer could be anything but this. Well, hey, better late than never. That's cool. Anyway, seems they figured out the game for you already, so that's good.

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Thanks for your help everyone!

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