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Super Pipeline II

Super Pipeline II is an Action/Puzzle game released in 1985 for the Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC and the ZX Spectrum. It involves you taking the role as a Plumber armed with only a Nail Gun to keep the little nasties away from you pipes as the water flows through to fill up a certain amount of barrels per level.


The main objective of this game is to protect the pipes or "Pipeline" from all the little dangers in a plumbers life. But to help you protect the pipes you get helpers that come into each level at random points, much like the enemies. The only way to fix the pipes is to have the helpers do it for you, to get them to fix the pipes you must either have one or more following you, you then walk over the hole and they will fix it. If you don't have any helpers following you at the time you will need to collect one or more. To do this you just walk over them and they start following you. Be careful though because you and your helpers lives are always threatened by the crazed power tools (see The Baddies section), just by running into them or by them running into you, you will fall off the pipe and die.

The way you finish each level is by successfully filling each barrel with the water that flows through the pipes in the level. As mentioned above you do this by keeping the baddies from breaking holes in the pipes. you do this by shooting the bad guys with your nail gun before they can do any damage.

The Baddies

The little nasties include: Angry killer Drills, Horrendous Hammers, Crazed Tool Boxes and more. Their main goal is to make plumber's job hell by busting holes in the pipes so that the water flowing through gushes out onto the ground until you either fix the hole or until the water from the tank at the top of the screen runs dry. Like the helpers they come in on each level at random.

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