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Featured Series

A list of series featured in the game. Series that debut in the Super Robot Wars franchise in this game are marked with "(new)"
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam
  • Mazinger Z
  • Great Mazinger
  • New Getter Robo  (new)
  • Galactic Cyclone Braiger
  • Demon God of War Goshogun
  • Jushin Liger  (new)
  • NG Knight Lamune & 40  (new)
  • Absolutely Invincible Raijin-Oh
  • Energetic Explosion Ganbaruger  (new)
  • Hot-Blooded Strongest Go-Saurer  (new)
  • Perfect Victory Daiteioh  (new)
  • Shippu! Iron Leager  (new)
  • Lord of Lords Ryu Knight  (new)
This game notably features no representatives from the "Real Robot" genre of mecha anime; even the included Gundam series, Mobile Fighter G Gundam, is an (in)famous Super Robot spinoff of the otherwise-Real Gundam franchise.
"Perfect Victory Daiteioh" is a planned anime that was cancelled before being aired, leaving only a single pilot episode. The anime will be represented in the game with assistance from the original animation studio.

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