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Super Skidmarks (also known as Skidmarks 2) is a racing game from the Amiga era that was defined by two things: its perspective and its skidmarks. Super Skidmarks was one of the Amiga's better top down racers that offered a variety of gameplay options. The player had a choice of 24 tracks to race on, and car choice ranges from F1 cars to motorized cows.

Motor-Cow Caravan towing action

Super Skidmarks was also a landmark racing game as it was the first to offer caravan towing as an option while racing. Although this was just a novelty feature, a lot of hardcore multiplayer users managed to master the art of using the caravan to push other players wide on turns.

Tracks could also be raced in reverse, which was possibly a genre first at the time. Tracks consisted of sweeping banked curves with jumps and track crossings that led to potential crashes. However, the game did not feature a damage model.

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