AE DLC doesn't work with SSFIV Games on Demand

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Downloaded the AE DLC last night from XBL and my game is not recognizing the new content. It doesn't patch or update anything when I fire it up. Apparently word around the net is game needs to have the disc in the tray to patch and update to the new DLC.

Anyone on these forums experience this ridiculous issue?

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@MetalMoog: When you have a ridiculous issue like that I would just check out the capcom forums. It's much more likely you will find a straight answer if you head down there. 
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They have since replaced SSFIV Games on Demand with AE Games on Demand. I don't know what you have to do to get it, but I'm sure capcom support will fill you in.

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Yeah I'm sure this was patched or fixed somehow.


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EDIT: It's working fine now. Just had to check my account settings, it didn't finish downloading I thought it did.

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